Get Paid To Kill!

Sounds like a fake post Subject doesn’t it?  It is for real
in the virtual world of some UK online gaming or gambling sites.


Some over-18 servers in UK are offerring an online game where
the player gets paid for every kill, but forfeits money if
his his own character is killed.
What’s the point?  The “house”, (this is a type of gambling but
it’s based on skill, not chance so it beats the restrictions),
pays out now and then, but takes in enough to make a profit just
like a casino does.





This make Texas Hold’em look like a church picnic!  You’re a
hired “hit man” or pathological killer and you MUST KILL or
you lose some of your money!  You will learn to kill trust
me when your money is on the line.


5 Awesome Gambling Tips to Win Big!

1. Become an expert at your chosen game.  Yes, it’s that important!  Join a
forum where beginners are asking questions and when you can answer most of
their questions, you’re good to go.




2. Not all gambling sites are equal.  On one you could be losing, while on
another that looks the same, you could be winning!  It’s up to you to research
the sites and pick the best on for you. Be sure to read the Terms of Service
and any other policies, do not skip “the fine print”.


3. Budget your bankroll.  The number one reason for total failure in gambling
is lack of money control.  Calculate your budget and stick to it like glue.


4. Work out a playing schedule. Set the hours and the days. Treat it like
a job or a business. Keep to it.


5. Develop self-control.  Greed has taken many a gambler’s bankroll. Stick
to your schedule and stick to your budget.

MMO Players Hijacked by Hackers!

A stolen account in the WoW MMO game is now worth more than
a stolen credit card to hackers that can re-sell it.


How are they doing this?


Surprise. There is a flaw in the way Windows handle the
animated cursors.  Just visit any infeced site, and there
are many, many infected sites, and certain code hidden
on that site modifies the code running your animated
cursor, then it takes over the next time you play WoW.





Some of these infected sites are new that have been specifically
created to attract MMO players, other sites have been hacked
to include the malicious code.


This is a lucrative business for the hackers with a much lower
risk of legal penalties. Security experts are reporting that one
Chinese hacking gang hacked a super bowl related site and installed
the malicious code on it. That could have meant tens of thousands
of PC’s were eventually hijacked.