New Online Game Tortures Corrupt Officials!

I love this game!


Incorruptible Fighter


A new game in China, allows the players to remove corrupt officials from
game play and it has become so popular that the download site crashed!  LOL

In it’s first 8 days after launch, it was downloaded 100,000 times


I wonder if the REAL corrupt officials ae getting a bit nervous?


But actually, the game was developed by a regional government in
East China.  So, what’s going on?


China has made the news often recently with high level government corruption.
So often, the government is getting embarrassed by it all.


In one extreme case, the head of China’s food and drug committee was
actually executed having been convicted for taking bribes.


This game is so popular because the players earn points by killing
and torturing corrupt officials. LOL


They also can earn points by assisting the good officials.

Get Rich with Online MMO Games!

It’s called ‘gold farming’.




How it works.

1. Find a player in a third world country that can barely afford to
play the game in the first place and offer to buy any gold that he
wins in the game.


2. Find a rich player in US, UK, .AU, .DE, and many other countries
that needs some gold in order to advance in his game. (He can
buy weapons, armour, etc).


3. Make a profit.


Of course, this is against the Terms of Service and other guidelines
of the games and if you are caught, your account would be closed, but
hey, there are risks in all businesses, right?


Another, more sophisticated method, is game-bots that play the game
for the only purpose of collecting a bit of gold. Then the owner
of the bot can sell that gold.


The out and out sleaziest way is to sell the gold, but not
deliver it.  FRAUD!  The FBI will be looking for you!

18 Billion Dollar Gaming Merger!

The companies that own World of Warcraft and Call of duty,
Blizzard, (owned by the French media group Vivendi), and
Activision are putting together a deal that could turn the
online gaming industry upside down and inside out.




A massive merger between these two Massive Multiplayer Online
games companies is sure to make newcomer game developers nervous.


Think of the industry muscle they will have by combing Blizzard’s
strength in Asia with it’s Starcraft series played by millions
of S. Koreans and by professional players on TV with Activision’s
strong presence on all three major consoles.


The new business that this merger creates will be called
Activision Blizzard; catchy.


Blizzard will put in $2 billion and Activision will put in $1 billion.
So, Blizzard will be running the show.

Judge Bans Foreign Gambling Sites!

An unprecedented ruling has been issued against Gibraltar-based Victor
Chandler, the online bookmaker.  The judge, Abraham Heiman, is the first
to actually enforce a law that bans gambling sites that are located
outside of Israell.  Previously, law enforcement has been tolerant of
these foreign sites.  But now, all online gambling sites NOT phyically
located in Israel, are required to ban or block Israeli residents.





It’s surprising that it took so long, after all, gambling in Israel is
a state-run monopoly, so foreign firms have been sucking money out of
the country for years.


However, we think that the Chandler company sort of blew it when they
launch an agressive advertising campaign complete with advertisements
on buses and billboards, and a Hebrew website.


Chandler already had a good chunk of business from Israel since Israel
was their second largest customer base.


Looks like greed lost the game this time!