Gaming is Addiction or NOT?

Why can’t these doctors with their fancy-framed Phds hanging
on the wall and their $200,000/year incomes figure this out?


Gaming, console or online, is an addiction or it is NOT!




They just don’t get it.  Even committee of psychiatrists, teams of
psychiatrists, conferences of psychiatrists, associations of psychiatrists,
and resorts full of psychiatrists can’t get this one right.


Some psychiatrists have proposed that ‘gaming addiction’ be added
to their official dictionary of mental disorders.  Well, this would
certainly mean more cash for them from the insurance companies.


Other psychiatrists flatly reject that gaming is any sort of mental
disorder.  They say there is just no REAL signs of mental abnormalty.

Then, there is the third, more cautious camp, that gives the politically
correct statement that ‘more study is needed’.


I wonder if the same number of people, (mostly kids), were spending
the same number of hours per day READING BOOKS if the doctors would
be classifying that as a mental disorder?

Gambling With Real Cannibals!

Papua New Guinea, located north of Autralia and long known for it’s
cannibalistic tribes, is getting into the global online gambling
business.  Papua New Guinea’s parliment passed a bill 61-0 making
offline AND online gambling legal.




Sixty-one to ZERO?!  I guess they finally realized there’s more money,
in online gambling than in selling those little shrunken skulls on the
sidewalk.  If you think that I am exaggerating when I mention ‘canabalism’,
just search for ‘papua new guinea cannibal’ online.  You’ll see for youself.


The new bill is called the “Gaming Control Bill of 2007” and it calls for
a National Gaming Control Board to regulate the potential crime,
corruption, and addiction.


The bill also creates a new 20% of gross revenue tax.


The licenses for the offline betting parlors will charge a hefty
cover charge or entrance fee to keep out those poor people that
can not afford to lose, and the fee is refunded when the player
exits the betting parlor. LOL.

Men Have More Active Brain Cells Than Women!

According to a recent paper in the Journal of Psychiatric Research,
researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine showed that
the cells, (neurons), in the parts of the brain associated with
rewards and addiction were more active in males than in females.


The study was the first time magnetic resonance imaging, (MRI), was
used for this purpose. They tested 22 yound adults, 11 males and
11 females were connected to the MRI machine while they played
a specially developed computer game.  When ever a play achieved
a reward from the game, the MRI imaging would show a change.




The motivation for this study was the overwhelming popularity of video
and computer games.  Data shows that over 230 million games were sold
in 2005 alone.  And polls show that 40% of Americans play games on a
computer or on a console. Other surveys show that males are two to
three times more likely to be addicted than females.

MMO Gamers are Better Leaders!

While studies come out every week claiming negative effects of online
gameing, a few are:

general neuroticism,
lack of extraversion,
lack of agreeableness,
and violent behavior.


It’s rare and refreshing to see a study that shows a BENEFIT of online
gaming, in this case, it’s Massive Multiplayer Online, (MMO),games that
offer the benefit of greater leadership skills.


According to a study by IBM and software maker Seriosity, significant
similarities have been found between MMO players and business leaders.





The experts say this benefit is because MMO gamers learn:

risk taking,
and how to earn incentives.


Many organizations are noticing that high level MMO players are naturally
applying these skills to their real job.


The study also notes that leadership roles in MMO games are usually based
on the specific task or mission at hand, rather than a permenent position.
For many organizations, this means that can swap leaders in and out of
project depending on the skill sets.