Who Else Wants a Second Life Million Dollars?

You’re probably thinking that this person invested in shared of Second
Life early in it’s development and that those shares have grown to a
million dollars.  Wrong!


Ailin Graef, known in Second Life as Anshe Chung, is a Chinese national
who bought and sold real estate in Second Life and that’s how she made
her million.  Before that, shw was a college language teacher.
Ailin also buys and sells other items and currencies.




Ailin is the first online personality to earn a net worth over one million
dollars excludively in a virtual world.


Of coure, Ailin is not just another average person. If I had earned a million
dollars online, I’d be sitting around the house with my feet up eating chips
and laughing at all the comuters.  Ailin, on the other hand, has started
several other online businesses and make really successful.

Who Has the Fastest Internet in the World?

#1. South Koreans enjoy up to 26Mbps broadband in their homes!

#2. Sweden up to 19Mbps.

#3. Norway up to 19Mbps.


So, who cares?

The online gamng industry cares!  In S. Korea it’s hard to find a gaming
console in any home.  It’s all about online games.


Online gaming in S. Korea is HUGE!  Over seventeen million play games
regularly out of the total population of forty-eight million.  That’s
over 35%.  Over 70% of S. Korean homes have broadband.


Add to that the 28,000 internet cafes. Some are also social hotspots,
others are smokey dives, but they are all busy all the time. (Even
in their Walmart)


korean cafe

The Chinese are Coming, The Chinese are Coming!

Two years ago the Chinese “declared war” on the foriegn
domination of online games. An industry that is expected
to be worth almost 1.5 billion USD in 2008.




Well, according to some US research firms, China’s take
from online games hit over $800 million last year.  That’s
up 75% from the previous year.



China’s, made-in-china online games have done so well that they
have captured the majority of the market for the first time ever.
Including out marketing rivals in Europe, US, and South Korea.



One of the most popular games in China include NetEase’s Fantasy
Westward Journey. It’s an exciting game based on the journey
that many Chinese immagrants made hundreds of years agao. At this
writing, it is said to have over 1.5 million users.



(Video Game Image)


And the Chinese need no tutorial on marketing. They know that sex sells!

Over 300 Gambling Sites With NO Regulations or Laws!

In what country would you find over 300 online gambling websites and no
laws dealing with online gambling except one that makes it illegal for
it’s own citizens to gamble online?





That would be Wild, Wild Land of Cosa Rica where there is no oversight
of online gambling companies.



To get set up as a online gambling business, just pay the low fees
of about $10,000 for a “data processing” license, then get an offshore
merchant account and you’re good to go.


OH, and btw, there is no tax on income coming from outside Costa Rica!