Payment Processors Going to Prison!

Things are not going well in Utah for three online payment processors
that were accused of money laundering, bank fraud, and racketeering
conspiracy. Serious charges.


Maximum penalties include 20-years for racketeering conspiracy, 30 years
for bank fraud, two-years for transmission of wagers/wagering information,
and 20-years for money laundering.


Seven people were named in the indictment including at least one
bank official for taking a bribe to mislabel the transactions.


These alleged crimes come about due to the Unlawful Internet Gambling
Enforcement Act, which passed in October, and made it illegal for U.S.
financial institutions to process online gaming transactions.


The U.S. Attorney is on the case along with the IRS.

Death by Extreme Gaming?

In China, a 30 year old man has died after playing games online
for three days in a row.  He was rushed to the hospital, but he
did not survive. Details really have not been released yet.


Chinese authorities are saying that exhaustion is the cause, but
really?  Sitting in a chair at a game is physically exhausting
to the extent of death?


Kids all around the world play all day, day after day, during
school vacations and they are not dying!


What really happened?  Do they serve food in that internet cafe?
Was the food bad?  Did someone poison him to remove him from a


The Chinese government is not saying much about this.  They have
their own agenda which is to censor content and rather use the
net for communist propaganda.

If that’s true, the government certainly has it’s work cut out!
According to state media, 13% of China’s 20 million internet users
under age 18 are labeled as addicts; 2.6 million.

A Connection Ten Thousand Times Faster!

A new high speed global network called The Grid has been built with
data transfer speeds 10,000 faster than your everyday connection. The
UK has over 6,000 servers connected to The Grid already.




The Grid was invented in order to handle the enormous amount of data
from the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), the biggest ever particle accelerator
built to find the Higgs Boson and otherwise probe the origin of the
universe. The grid will be activated at the same time to capture the
data it generates.


The Grid was built by scientists at CERN, where the original internet was

invented, with fiber optic cables and high tech, ultra high speed
routers and already has 55,000 servers connected with should increase
to 200,00 in a few years.




Scientists are saying that The Grid will revolutionize society, (including gaming),

but for the time being, The Grid will be used solely by scientists.