Thousands of Sites Give Free Online Gaming Software!

If you recently notice a new FREE online gaming program on your
PC, you’d better run your anti-virus scan program FAST!


Reportedly, According to online security firm F-Secure hundreds of

thousands of websites have been infected with a silent, (in the background),

download of several different online gaming Trojans. At least one might

install on your PC and you won’t know it happened until it’s too late.





You’ll be thinking: “Oh, I forgot I have that game, cool”.

When you run it, it takes over your PC for criminal tasks.

Maybe you should run a AV scan right now?

Online Poker is A Class C Felony

Playing online poker in the state of Washington is a Class C felony that is
punishable by up to five years in prison and a fine of $10,000.


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This comes after months and months of delays by the state in a court
case filed by Lee Rousso, attorney and resident of Washington, finally
ruled against him: online poker will remain illegal.



Lee Rousso


If you play poker online you might be whacked with a fine of up to $10,000
which you can pay when you get of prison in five years.


Meanwhile, taxable casinos and state lotteries are perfectly legal.


So, who is the government taking care of?  ITSELF!!!

Nevada Bans ALL Gambling – Casinos Closed!

That’s right, in 1910, after 40 years of legal gambling, the state
legislature banned gambling due to pressure from churches, educational
leaders, women’s groups and reformists.



However, in 1931, a new bill was passed called: “The Wide Open Gambling
Bill of 1931”. This bill became the cornerstone of today’s Nevada economy
and many newer casinos were built.

Few of those casinos are still standing however because of the technology
developed in the 60s and 70s, slot machines became more popular and
conventions required thousands of rooms for visitors. So, new Mega
casinos became the norm.



MMO Girls Dressing As Men!

Are you a girl “sharing” with another girl during your usual gaming
chat session?  Are you sure that other girl is actually a REAL girl?


Are you a guy sharing your problems about your wife with another
guy?  Are you sure that other guy is a REAL guy?




According to Gender Swapping And Socializing In Cyberspace: An Exploratory Study
by some university, 70% of women have played as a male MMO character and 55% of
men have played as a female MMO character.


When the study participants were asked why they did this, the most common
answer was “stimulation”.


This proves an old adage that people would rather live in a fantasy
world than live in the real world.  People are not happy with thier
own REAL life. What’s wrong with this world?