Excessive Gaming Is A Mental Disorder?

According to an article published in the American Journal of Psychiatry excessive
gaming, (as well as, sexual pre-occupation), is a compulsive and impulsive
disorder. The article goes on to claim that this disorder should be included
in the official dictionary of mental illnesses.






Some people will write anything just to get published. The one thing that
the article misses is that real disorders are those behaviors that are NOT
normally found in any particular society or culture.  Normal is defined by
testing and studying a thousand “regular people” that seem to be well adjusted.


For example, in some countries, picking your nose in public is normal, while
people in other countries might consider it some sort of mental disorder.


If most of any population plays games with all their free time, it’s normal.

How To Earn $1,000s with World of Warcraft!


While most players just pay their $15/month to play in an exciting
and intriguing virtual world, a few others are earning a living
with that same fantasy world.


How can this happen in a fantasy world?


The Herald of Everett, Washington interviewed a Lynnwood

man that does just that and he spilled the whole story.



There are players with lots of money in their pockets that are
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Find a need and fill it.


There are other players that can take a WOW character from level 1
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But how do the character-sellers FIND the buyers?



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Which Site Attracts The Most Gamers?

Yahoo! Games is Number One Game Site!  Yahoo! attracts about fifty-two million
unique visitors per month to its puzzle and card games.  That is about 1.7
million unique gamers every day!




Here is their line up:

Playable online (PO), Downloadable (D), Mobile (M), Skill (S)

  • Jigsaw: Landscapes D
  • Jigsaw: Medley D
  • Jigsaw: Pet D
  • Jigsaw: Wyland D
  • Literati PO
  • Luxor Mahjong D
  • Mah Jong PO
  • Mah Jong Adventures D
  • Mah Jong Garden D
  • Mah Jong Jade Expedition D
  • Mah Jong Medly D, PO
  • Mah Jong Towers Eternity D, PO
  • Mah-Jomino D
  • Mahjong Escape D, PO
  • Mahjong Match D
  • Mahjong Treasure S
  • Mahjong Fortuna S
  • Midas Mahjong S
  • Monopoly 3 D
  • Naval Command PO
  • Poker Pop D, PO
  • Reversi PO
  • Saints and Sinners Bingo D, PO
  • Sudoko: Latin Squares D
  • Super Mah Jong D
  • Word Slinger D

Have fun, but be safe!