Three-Year-Old Toddlers Addicted to Gaming!

Oh, goodie goodie gum drops, now our 3-year olds can get on the PC
and play games!  Nothing like starting the addiction at a young age.


It’s the Net Jet Online Gaming System from Tiger Electronics. It’s
only $20, so all parents will buy it: a cheap babysitter!


It just plugs into your existing PC with a USB. It comes with a game
or two and you can buy extra games for $10 each.


Three of the  Featured games out of the box are:
Super Soaker Water Fight.
Mission Paintball.
The Fairly Odd Parents: Timmy’s Roach Rampage.



Paintball?  Roaches?  For a toddler?  Com’on!!


Online Gamer Threatens School Massacre!

According to local news, Allieu Shaw, a college student at Frostburg
State University in Maryland got very excited while playing Call of
Duty and then during a text chat with several other COD players
started saying that he was going to shoot up his school. Duh!


He actually gave details on how he would do it.  Duh!

Naturally, a few of the other players were alarmed and one in particular
took Shaw’s claims seriously and called the police.  Two days later the
police showed up at Shaw’s dormroom door and put him in hand cuffs.



Shaw denies any real intent to do harm and no weapons were found
at his home.


Two misdemeanor counts of disrupting a school operation were filed
against the 19-year-old, with a maximum penalty of a year in jail
and a fine up to $5,000.


Plus, the college administration has scheduled a hearing that might
terminate his enrollment at the college.

Some Online Games Cause Death!

Sad, but true.  Meeting “a new friend” while plaing an online game
has cost several people their lives.

The online gaming environment is a unique situation where any two
people, of any age or gender can quickly become friends and feel
that they have known each other a long time.



That type of relationship can be dangerous because it’s an illusion
and that “friend” could be out to get you.  You’ll never know that
because your feelings tell you that friend is trustworthy and would
never harm you.


You brush off the warnings of adults as over reacting and paranoid.


Better safe than sorry, (or dead).