Mind-Control with a Game?

It seems that the future is here now for gamers. A headset will be
available later this year that reads your mind and then interacts
with the game, but who is controling whom?


This headset actually senses the neural activity inside your head and
translates that into actions in the game.  Think “right” the mouse moves
right. Think “shoot now” and your game weapon begins firing.

The downside?  You have to put some gel on your scalp. How many gamers
are going to do that everyday?


And, by the way, how do we know that this headset is not inputing some
data into your stream of consciousness?


Get me outta here!

Absolutepoker.com Accused of Absolute Fraud!

Online poker is built on the supposition that the games are run fairly.  The industry
brings in about 12 billion dollars a year.  With so much money on the line, who can
you really trust?




Absolutepoker.com is baeed on a somewhat autonomous Mohawk indian reservation
near Montreal, CA.  The accusations come from a few of the players themselve.
One of them was the Second Place winner of $20,000. He thought something was
a bit suspicious so he requested a “hand history”.  What he got was the Master
Hand history which showed not just his hands, but everyone’s hands. This led
him to look even deeper and he could glean some very odd dealings.

Reportedly, police are investigaing these allegations.

UK Office Workers Lose 336 Million Dollars!

Did you know that almost one-third of office staff in UK admit to
gambling while at work?  And recent research revealed that this
activity cost 300 million euros, (336 million US), in lost


What is the matter with these people?  They can’t wait to place
that bet until their lunch break or until they get home?  Where
is their devotion to their employer?  Where is their sense of
duty and loyalty?

And so, in light of this, the UK Parliment, in it’s infinite wisdom
has passed a law LEGALIZING online gambling. So, at they will be
legally wasting $336,000,000 every year.

Btw, passage of this law make the UK the very first to do so
in the industrial world.



Gaming Skills are Usefull for Real Wartime!

Have you heard of Crusher?  It’s a seven-ton, six-wheeled,, all-wheel drive, US

Army vehicle that goes anywhere it wants.  Over rocks and through fences is a

piece of cake for Crusher.




But, get this, the Crusher is un-manned, remote controlled by gaming
systems.  It has a console racing controller, complete with steering
wheel and pedals.  Then it has an Xbox controller to turn the cameras,
lift the vehicle’s mast, and fire it’s weapons.


So, if you’re good at gaming, you might have a nice career in the Army.